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Part of the W5 Consulting Team Endigm || experience, discipline, integrity.

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The simplest form of success is often difficult to achieve due to the complexities of modern ecosystems. Endigm's approach is simple. We achieve succuss for our customers through expereince, disiplince, and integrity.


Our Team Members are all platinum level consultants with years of successful implementation expereince
We work together as a team with your business units to get a 360 view of how your requirements need to be met.


Successful outcomes rely on not just technical expereince but vertical as well.
Solving business challenges means understanding the way the business works. Years of expereince in Oil & Gas, Retail, and Telecommunications.

Solution Architecture

Solutions for Cloud, On Premise, and Hybrid Architectures
ERP, CRM, HR, Travel, Operations

Data Governance

Compliance, BPC, GDPR
From Data source to data target

People, Process, and Technology

Data Lineage, Reporting & Analytics
Transparency and KT


Business Ecosystem challenges understood and solved
Holistic pragmatic competitive change

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Named Consultants


Clients over 20 years


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  • Address:Denver, CO.
  • Phone: +720-289-0237
  • Email: Contact@endigm.com

A Denver based Boutique Company Community focused business driven

Endigm is a Boutique compnay focused on high value assests and work products
We focus on entirely on your needs and work as a team to complete your projects on-time and on-budget.




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